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Trippy Dip - Who is the Thoroughbred inducted into the 2018 AQHA Hall of Fame?

May 31st, 2018 - The American Quarter Horse Association is the largest nationally recognized breed registry in the world and one of the greatest honors that a member or an animal can receive is induction into their Hall of Fame. In the announcement of the 2018 class of inductees, one name stands out: Trippy Dip.

A 1976 Thoroughbred, how did this lone wolf get into the QUARTER HORSE Hall of Fame? 

Born in 1976, Trippy Dip was bred by S.F. Henderson of Odessa, Texas and earned $78,169 on the track. Labeled as the "definition of a broodmare," she went on to produce sixteen foals. These foals have had an impact that has trickled down the ranks of not only the racetrack, but also the barrel horse world. Fifteen of Trippy Dip's foals went on to earn a total of $1.757 million dollars on the track. Of those fifteen, seven of them earned "black type," a racing term that means a horse has won or placed in a select race of importance meaning that on their race form or sale catalog, they would be printed in bold black ink in capital letters. 

Noteworthy Foals




The first foal of Trippy Dip's was a stallion named Calyx who was the world champion 1987 distance horse where he set the track record at Los Alamitos for 870 yards at 44.420 seconds. An outlaw through and through, he was dominant on the track and sired foals who grossed over $7 million on the track. 

In a story from one of his jockey's, "Diamond Jim" Brooks, he explains how you couldn't touch his mouth, he was his own operator and he knew exactly what to do to win. With a speed index of 117, winning is what Calyx did and he passed that trait down to his offspring. Winning was also something that his sire, Dash for Cash did as well. 



The 1984 daughter of Trippy Dip was another iconic cross with the legendary stallion Dash for Cash. In her three year stint as a racehorse, Florentine won $1,123,102, and was named the Champion Three-Year-Old Filly in 1987, the Champion Aged Horse and Champion Aged Mare in 1988. 

Her contributions to the world of fast sprinting horses didn't stop with her wins, Florentine went on to be named the 1996 Broodmare of the Year and earned a recognition as a dam of distinction. 

Owned by Rainbow Glass Ranch, this mare's foals went on to do big things in the arena.

There are numerous other colts and fillies that were produced by this legendary racehorse in her broodmare career, more than we can fill into one short article. Please read more about the other inductees into the 2018 American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame here. As well as check out the Rainbow Glass Ranch in Utah who stands numerous offspring at stud still.

Do you ride an offspring of Trippy Dip? If so, comment below and share with us a picture of your running bred horse!