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ProRodeo Strategy (4/6/18): RNCFR Semi's & Finals Prep

Kissimmee, Florida (April 6, 2018) - The Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida, April 3rd through the 6th, promises to change the PRCA's World Standings. Here's some quick notes from the strategy room as we look at what the first two rounds alone potentially did to the World Standings. Please note that these standings are not official nor guaranteed 100% accuracy; they are simply observations. 

More money stands to be won as the Top 8 contestants advance Sunday to a clean slate semi-finals round, which is then followed with the Top 4 advancing to the Finals round.

Confused on the RNCFR? Read more here.


  1. Clayton Biglow has won $6,245 with a round win at the RNCFR this weekend. This moves him from 21st in the world standings to 12th.

  2. Reigning World Champion Tim O’Connell has won $10,992 with placings in 2 rounds of the RNCFR. This moves him from 13th to approximately 6th.

  3. Some people didn’t move, and they are probably okay with that! Those people won money at the RNCFR in either one round or two, but are still locked into their world standing position.
    Caleb Bennett - 1st
    Mason Clements - 2nd
    Jake Brown - 4th
    Shane O’Connell - 5th

  4. Steven Dent won $1,801 and moved from 18th to approximately 16th in the world.

  5. Columbia River Circuit Qualifier Steven Peebles has won $3,412 and has moved from 36th to approximately 25th.

Advancing to the Semi-Finals: Tim O'Connell, Clayton Bigelow, Shane O'Connell, Mason Clements, Jake Brown, Wyatt Denny, Steven Dent, and J.R. Vezain.

Steer Wrestling:

  1. Louisiana Cowboy Jacob Talley has placed in two rounds and is sitting third in the aggregate heading to the semi-finals with $4,459 won. This moves him from 5th to approximately 2nd in the world standings.

  2. Chason Floyd has won the most of any contestant at the Circuit Finals this weekend with $12,508 total, moving him from 18th in the world to approximately 7th.

  3. With $6,254 in a round win, Kyle Irwin moves from 17th in the world to approximately 9th.

  4. Jacob Shofner has moved one marker from 12th to approximately 11th in the world standings.

  5. Billy Bugenig makes the biggest jump for the steer wrestling event in the world standings, moving from 31st to approximately 18th with $7,012 won through two rounds of the RNCFR

Advancing to the Semi-Finals: Billy Bugenig, Kyle Irwin, Jacob Talley, Beau Clark, Chason Floyd, Bridger Chambers, Blake Mindemann, Sean Santucci, and Jacob Shofner.

Team Roping:

  1. Trey Yates moves from 12th to approximately 10th in the heeling world standings with $1,327 won.

  2. Through the assistance of a round win and $6,254 won, Kyle Lockett moved from 26th to approximately 11th in the world standings.

  3. Keven Daniel makes the second biggest move in the world standings of all team ropers, moving from 21st to approximately 12th in the heading, thanks to $4,738 won.

  4. Brad Culpepper moved from 20th in the world standings to approximately 13th via $4,738 won.

  5. The biggest move by all team ropers so far in the world standings due to the monies won at the RNCFR is header Blake Teixeira who won a round ($6,254) to move from 21st to approximately 15th.

Top 8 Advancing to the Semi-Finals: Thad Ward/Olin Pulham, Logan Olson/Matt Kasner, Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward, Clay Smith/Paul Eaves, Ty Blasingame/Trey Yates, Jesse Stipes/Jake Smith, Marcus Theriot/Clint Summers, and Dustin Bird/Chase Tryan. 

Saddle Bronc:

  1. Jacobs Crawley and Brody Cress both won money, keeping them at one and two in the world respectively. Although their positions didn’t change, Cress was able to chip away at the substantial lead seen by Crawley.

  2. Wade Sundell moved from seventh to approximately third in the world standings by placing in both rounds of the RNCFR ($6,728).

  3. Joey Sonnier won $6,918 between two rounds to move from 15th to approximately 10th in the world standings.

  4. Both Ryder Wright and Taos Muncy moved approximately one placing to 13th and 12th respectively.

  5. JJ Elshere moved from 17th to approximately 14th in the world standings.

Top 8 Advancing to Semi-Finals: Joey Sonnier III, Jacobs Crawley, Wade Sundell, Taos Muncy, Isaac Diaz, J.J. Elsewhere, Brody Cress, and Ray Hostetler.

Tie Down Roping:

  1. Jake Pratt of Washington has moved one placing from 4th to approximately 3rd in teh world standings.

  2. Three cowboys stayed in the same world standing spot despite winning money. Those were Tuf Cooper, Tyson Durfey, and Matt Shiozawa placing 5th, 6th and 13th respectively.

  3. Sterling Smith moved from 9th to approximately 7th in the world standing.

  4. Ryan Jarrett’s round win moved him from 15th to approximately 12th in the world standings.

  5. Reno Gonzales of New Mexico’s winnings of $3,412 moved him from 30th to 22nd.

Top 8 Advancing to Semi-Finals: Seth Hall, Tyson Durfey, Tuf Cooper, Sterling Smith, Trey Young, Matt Shiozawa, Ryle Smith, and Riley Pruitt

Bull Riding:

  1. Sage Kimzey continues to dominate in his bull riding career, winning money in both rounds of the RNCFR totaling $9,097. This brought him over the $100,000 mark which is the fastest he’s ever reached it in a season he mentioned in an interiview with the PRCA.

  2. Parker Breding of Montana won a round of the RNCFR to move from 5th to approximately 2nd in the world standings.

  3. Chase Dougherty of Oregon may have been a rookie a year ago, but he’s no rookie in 2018; he’s won $3,601 to move from 16th to 12th in the world.

  4. Brady Portenier has won $2,843 to move from 23rd to approximately 20th.

  5. Jeff Bertus makes the biggest jump of the bull riders, winning $2,464 to move from 50th in the world standings to 39th.

Top 8 Advancing to Semi-Finals: Sage Kimzey, Aaron Williams, Parker Breding, Brady Portenier, Chase Dougherty, Lon Danley, Dayton Swearingen, and Jeff Bertus.

Barrel Racing:

Top 8 Advancing to Semi-Finals: Shelly Anzick, Teri Bangart, Taci Bettis, Jessica Routier, Alexis Baratka, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Nikki Hansen, and Kathy Petska. 


These are just observations noted by the information provided on; these numbers are not official nor considered accurate.