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A "Relapse" For The Positive

Relapse is defined as the deterioration back to addiction after a period of improvement, but what is “improvement?” A subjective term to the viewer, listener and proclaimer. Modern country music has found itself “improving” with a deep bass, vocal alterations, and a hip hop undercurrent; a style that country crooner James Carothers of Nashville, Tennessee found himself trying to imitate before he hit his relapse. A relapse back into the old school country sounds of Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Johnny Cash. A relapse back to an album, fittingly called, “Relapse.” This is James Carothers and this is his addiction to true country music.

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Top Northwest Christian School Opens New Agricultural Department; Providing Opportunities for Professors and Students Alike

It should be no surprise that Corban University, rated as one of the top private universities in the Pacific Northwest, would look to new opportunities to grow the first class experiences that they provide to young men and women from all over the region.  What is a surprise is that Corban University is one of two private Christian schools west of the Rockies that are introducing an Agricultural portion to their academic regimen.

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Big Place, Many People; Getting to know your veterinarian office staff

“Welcome, how can we help you?” This is a greeting you’ll hear from behind the front desk of your veterinary office. That voice could belong to any of the veterinary hospital staff. An average veterinary facility will have at least one person in the following roles: Receptionist, Veterinary
Assistant/ Veterinary Technician, Kennel Staff, Office Manager, and Doctors.

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A Ride of Fifty Lifetimes featuring Miss Rodeo North Carolina & Miss Rodeo Wisconsin

Over the course of the next few months Nicki Moody carefully constructed a plan. She decided to call it the “50 Pink Horses October Challenge.”  Partnering with not only the Tough Enough to Wear Pink Foundation but also the Pretty in Pink Foundation, which started in her home state of North Carolina, Nicki chose to serve others. Instead of simply preparing for the horsemanship portion of Miss Rodeo America, she insisted on using her time, energy and influence to raise money and awareness for women who had been affected by breast cancer.

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