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That Western Lifestyle

The western lifestyle is quickly becoming prevalent in houses that dwell rurally and in urban neighborhoods! Join in the culture of fashion, home decor, jewelry, and more that is the western lifestyle!

Posts in Western Retail
Tara Trask - Fashion Designer & Podcaster

A background on cattle ranches led Tara Trask through her western lifestyle roots as first a rodeo queen and then a communications specialist in the western lifestyle. This former Miss Rodeo South Dakota, she is thankful for the opportunities presented to her from her families Quarter Horse ranch to her education at South Dakota State University. She’s now an avid western fashionista, designs her own fashion line, produces her own western fashion podcast, and also produces a few other podcasts along the way!

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Boot Barn's Brittney Phillips; Mullets should stay in the eighties!

A former Miss Rodeo California who placed in the top 10 at Miss Rodeo America, Brittney Phillips is the sponsorship coordinator for Boot Barn. We are excited to showcase Brittney’s ability to capitalize on opportunities to move her through her career trajectory with the success she has had, as well as a little bit more insight on the world of sponsorship for both contestants and rodeo committees, as well as the current influencer market.

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