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The western lifestyle is quickly becoming prevalent in houses that dwell rurally and in urban neighborhoods! Join in the culture of fashion, home decor, jewelry, and more that is the western lifestyle!

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Podcast Episode 13: Angela Meyer & Dean Marten

She's a singer-songwriter and he's a bull fighter. They met in high school over bad horses he tried to sell her as a kid but that didn't stop these two from creating a fun and exciting relationship! Join us as we bring our first couple onto the podcast, Angela Meyer and Dean Marten. Angela shares her songwriting journey with us, while Dean blames his brothers bad bullring for getting him into professional bullfighting and bull stock contractor.

Join us in Episode 13 of the That Western Life podcast!

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A "Relapse" For The Positive

Relapse is defined as the deterioration back to addiction after a period of improvement, but what is “improvement?” A subjective term to the viewer, listener and proclaimer. Modern country music has found itself “improving” with a deep bass, vocal alterations, and a hip hop undercurrent; a style that country crooner James Carothers of Nashville, Tennessee found himself trying to imitate before he hit his relapse. A relapse back into the old school country sounds of Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Johnny Cash. A relapse back to an album, fittingly called, “Relapse.” This is James Carothers and this is his addiction to true country music.

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