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Top Northwest Christian School Opens New Agricultural Department; Providing Opportunities for Professors and Students Alike

(March 21, 2018) Corban, Salem, Oregon - It should be no surprise that Corban University, rated as one of the top private universities in the Pacific Northwest, would look to new opportunities to grow the first class experiences that they provide to young men and women from all over the region.  What is a surprise is that Corban University is one of two private Christian schools west of the Rockies that are introducing an Agricultural portion to their academic regimen.

When Griff Lindell, Dean of the Hoff School of Business at Corban University, was asked to spearhead the new agricultural concentration in the school of business, his response was, “Sure! Why not?”

Anyone who looks outside a window of Corban University would have to agree. Situated in the heart of the mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon, farm fields, orchards, and livestock are abundant surrounding the school. Not far away lies Salem, Oregon, the Capitol, where many of the biggest names in agricultural commodities associations call home as they work on behalf of farmers and ranchers all over the state. This cornucopia of knowledge within just a 50-mile radius showcases just a glimmer of the potential that this program will reach within the next few years.

Currently, the degree opportunity for interested students is in the Hoff School of Business as a concentration in Agribusiness. Students completing the program will gain all of the benefits of being a Corban graduate, not only gaining competence in their area of study, but also building character by experiencing a  minor in bible, biblical integration into coursework, and looking at the underlying principles that are eternal.

“A student who goes to Corban will understand that their purpose in life is to live life so that God is glorified,” explained Lindell. “You are going to learn basically the same course content information but you are also going to learn the eternal truths, elements that build character, and develop competence that has a spiritual dimension to it! Scripture tells us to do our work as if God is looking over your shoulder. That brings a whole other level to daily chores; you are doing those chores for a purpose much greater than yourself.”

The search for the perfect Program Chair for the Agribusiness Concentration is completed and an offer is being made at the writing of this blog. This individual will honor and serve God in educating Christian students who will become competent practitioners in the agriculture industry. A passion for the industry and for building this new program are essential for the success of both the candidate and the school.

Students who are interested in pioneering this new program have a unique opportunity through the form of scholarship. The first 15 incoming students admitted to the agribusiness program will also be awarded a $16,000 annually-renewable scholarship. Better hurry to be one of the 15!

An amazing opportunity for a youth who is looking to step up their education while incorporating their love for Jesus Christ may be the answer to some of those questions of youths who are nervous about heading to the next chapter. Allow Corban’s fine roster of professors and advisors to guide them through their next few years of school.

For more information on the scholarship, please click this link to be directed to the Corban University website.

Corban has high hopes for the future as they start off with a small building block into the agricultural world. Their plans over the next decade include a college of agriculture studies with degree programs in various agriculture specialties that could include livestock, soils, agribusiness and more.


For more information, visit the Corban website at their website here