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That Ranching Life

The voice of the America cattle rancher is not often heard, living in some of the most remote regions of the United States. This is there chance to share the lifestyle and the west as they know it!

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Start to Finish Breeding Services for the Beef Industry

No matter the size of the operation, the chance to boost reproductive efficiency is an opportunity any ranch can capitalize on. Thanks to start-to-finish breeding services, such as Genex and All West/Select Sires, and their professionally trained teams, ranchers are using Artificial Insemination practices and supplementation nutritional programs to take the cattle industry into the future.

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Chico Rancher Loses Cow to Wolf Attack

December of 2011 was a trying time for ranchers in California as the infamous wolf OR-7 meandered from northeastern Oregon all the way to the border between California and Oregon. This marked the first time a wolf has been in California in 90 years. Washington and Oregon ranchers have long dealt with issues of wolf attacks on cattle and it seemed almost inevitable that it would reach Californian ranchers. On October 26th, 2017, a Lassen County rancher reported losing at least one cow to wolf attacks. 

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