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Breaking Records: Schaff Angus Valley Bull Sells for $1.51 Million

February 9, 2019 (North Dakota) - February 9th, 2019, will go down in history for the unprecedented sale of SAV America 8018 for $1,510,000 at their annual production sale in North Dakota. When Tom Burke from the Angus Hall of Fame, says your bull has “the best genetics in the Angus world,” you know you have something special. Burke was specifically talking about the Schaff Angus Valley bull SAV Elation 7899, or Elation, who sold in their 2018 sale. The Schaff Angus Valley bull sale isn’t an overnight success, the Schaff family is in its fifth generation on a ranch they originally homesteaded in North Dakota in 1902.

The Schaff’s first registry of Angus cattle in 1942 makes them one of the oldest on-going Angus herds in North America. Through these five generations, Schaff Angus Valley has evolved into one of the largest, most recognized seedstock nurseries in the world, hosting over 115 Angus production sales to date.

In 2018, the production sale proved to be something special as Elation sold for an unprecedented $800,000. Rights to sell his semen were purchased by ranchers in Missouri and Oklahoma. This record was set to be SHATTERED in 2019, when Schaff Angus Valley’s SAV America 8018 was sold to Herbster Angus for $1.51 million!

An investment for the American rancher in the growing cattle economics, if you consider the contributions that SAV seedstock could provide financially to your business is insurmountable.

“Seedstock from Schaff Angus Valley have enjoyed much success in breeding programs, bull test stations, major A.I. studs and cattle shows across the country. Most importantly, they have worked well for the commercial cowman, who provides the real testing ground for any program. Schaff Angus Valley offers full customer support and service to insure customer satisfaction and success.” (Courtesy of Schaff Angus Valley website circa 2018.)

For more information on the 2019 Schaff Angus Valley Production sale, stay tuned to their website. Their annual production sale is typically in the beginning of February, attracting regional, national and international buyers.