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The voice of the America cattle rancher is not often heard, living in some of the most remote regions of the United States. This is there chance to share the lifestyle and the west as they know it!

Bovine Photo Fun

(October 3, 2017) - That Western Life decided to create a little bit of fun for those of you on social media that are bovine lovers with a simple "Drop a photo in the comments" campaign on Facebook and Twitter. 

We truly enjoyed the input that came back and thought we would share some of the fun with all of our subscribers! 



Showing bulls the first time

Cassie VanDuser

The original photo was share 14 times with over 2,500 posts on it after one week! We love sharing the ranching lifestyle and look forward to more ways for all of our followers to share a little bit about themselves and their heritage to a larger audience! 


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